Télétravail : 5 conseils pour créer un bureau à domicile

Telecommuting: 5 tips for creating a home office

More and more people are telecommuting as the benefits of remote working are seen by companies and employees. If your home is where your office is, you need to create an environment that will be productive, inspiring, and comfortable. The ideal home office combines the design ideas applied in the rest of the house with those of the company workplace to create the ideal work environment, a place where you like to be and where you can work.

Block distractions

Even if you already have a home office, ask yourself if there might be a better place for it. Two important questions need to be asked: Will you actually work in this space? (Avoid bedrooms that our mind associates with rest.) And would there be few distractions? (Laundry baskets, kitchen sinks, and anything else that might catch your eye should be out of sight).

Choose carefully

Choose a comfortable place for your home office all year round. A solarium can be nice in the spring and summer, but it won't be efficient to have to pack everything up and move indoors when the seasons change.

Make room for the essentials

Make sure you have room for everything essential to the work you do. If your workspace is small, take advantage of vertical space by installing shelving above your desk or placing tall bookcases beside it. Opt for furniture that can double up (for example, a desk that can serve as a storage accessory in your living room).

Don't strain your eyes

One of the many benefits of working from home is not having to deal with too bright fluorescent office lighting. A window is by no means a must, but a good view and some natural light can help you work better. For cloudy days and evening work, a bright desk lamp is a must.

Declutter the office

Limit what you keep on your desk to the items you use most often. Decorative or sentimental items are fine in a home office, but are usually best placed on a shelf out of the way.

Make sure the home office is yours. For example, the computer used here must be reserved for your personal use. Set up settings so that other members of your household don't come in and out throughout the day. While it's handy to have you nearby if your kids or someone else needs you, it's important that they remember you're at work.

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