About Us

remood is the site for the sale of office furniture for teleworking. Our desks are perfect for small spaces. Whether you are a telecommuter, freelancer, digital nomad or student, our offices are created to facilitate your working days at home.

Created in August 2020, remood already has several satisfied customers in Europe. Our offices for telecommuting have been a great success, in particular the folding wall desk, the foldable wall desk as well as the accessory for computer screen and the stand for audio headphones.

remood is also a player in the field of well-being in telework with quality blog articles, and Newsletters. We also support telecommuting employees, freelancers, self-entrepreneurs, and digital nomads, with the organization of coaching sessions in well-being, fitness and health.

Who is behind remood?

My name is Hassan HOUAISS, I am the CEO and Founder of remood.

I created remood in August 2020 with the aim of offering a range of offices designed for teleworking. Myself being an employee in the private sector, teleworking has become the norm for several years and it has accelerated because of the health crisis that the world is going through.

I noticed the difficulty of working from home when you lack space, especially when you live in a big city like Paris. The desks sold in large furniture stores are very large and designed for people who have a room dedicated to the office. So I had the idea of ​​creating remood, a site for the sale of desks that are easy to set up and that adapt to small spaces.

My method of finding offices consists of finding craftsmen, furniture manufacturers and independent designers all over Europe and offering them a partnership to sell their products on remood.fr. This partnership allows me to offer unique products in France with hard-negotiated prices with my partners.

My goal in the near future is to offer you innovative, smart, and unique offices so that you can telecommute comfortably. I have designated desks which I hope will revolutionize the world of furniture and office automation. Your support is essential for these products to see the light of day.

Do not hesitate to ask me your questions and follow me on social networks:

Twitter : @HHOUAISS

LinkedIn : Hassan Houais

Email : info@remood.fr