Comment créer l'espace idéal pour travailler à domicile ?

How do you create the perfect space for working from home?

Need to work from home ? These tips for designing a home office will help you make your workspace both attractive and productive.

Improving home office design is very important, especially at a time when many of us are working from home a lot more. So how do you create a space that ensures a productive atmosphere, no matter what size space you're dealing with?

Start by thinking about the purpose of your home office . If you work there daily, creating a different vibe to the rest of your rooms can help you focus, while a room that's part home office, part homework desk, and part of a home administrative center can be best decorated to match the rest of your home, especially if it is part of an open plan.

Tip 1: Always design your home office with technical needs in mind

If your desk is in the middle of the room, you need to plan for the safest way to route cables to a power point - soft plastic trunking is the best option. Buy a power supply that can be placed under the desk. Complement your smartphone with a dual purpose desk lamp that allows wireless charging.

With bespoke units, you can specify how many electrical outlets you want and where the cables should go. So be sure to consider lighting, computers, printer, TV, music system and charging points. You can also opt for a mini fridge and tea or coffee making facilities.

Tip 2: Invest in the best desk you can get on your budget

To choose the best desk for your home office , you have to consider the space you have in the room. The desk should be big enough to fit your laptop or desktop computer, while still giving you space to take notes or sort files.

Tip 3: Choose a good office chair

Match your office chair to the rest of the furniture in the room, rather than using a more conventional office chair. But make sure it gives you good support and is comfortable if you have to sit for hours. Opt for a swivel so you can adjust it to the right height.

Tip 4: Banish clutter with complete office storage

Clutter is at its peak in the home office , and you'll want to make sure the space is as clean as possible, with all important documents easily accessible. Choose home office storage, such as shelves and smaller storage accessories, that are functional and stylish and will encourage you to keep everything in its place.

Tip 5: Keep track of your goals with a bulletin board

Bulletin boards can be a great way to visualize your goals and accomplishments, as well as keep track of deadlines and to-do lists, while wall planners will ensure you never miss an appointment. Check out our selection of the best bulletin boards.

Tip 6: Brighten up your home office

When planning your home office lighting, remember to let the natural light in the room blend in with the products you have selected. For home workers who use natural materials, place your desk near the window to make the most of daylight. If you work with computers or other displays, be sure to consider natural light angles during the day and avoid glare.

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