Nos conseils pour atteindre le bien-être au télétravail

Our tips for achieving well-being at home

We are living in a complicated period where we have to deal with an epidemic, a situation that we thought was over due to advances in medicine. But that period is definitely here.

For many, this dark pass means a first experience of teleworking. If some will love it, others will hate it, often because they can't find good conditions and a good rhythm.

However, this telework if we manage to put ourselves in certain conditions becomes one of the most formidable things that are given, and this for several reasons. We will see here which ones and how to get there.

Teleworking in good conditions

Before seeing what teleworking brings you when you have the right conditions, it is imperative to see what these good conditions are and this is what we will focus on first. 

The first thing we recommend is to make your workplace stand out from the rest of your home. The ideal is of course to live in a house and to dedicate a room as an office space .

However, if this is not possible, especially in an apartment, we offer a folding wall desk that will do the job perfectly. In addition to being easily housed, they will allow you to create a teleworking space in your home.

Because yes, if you don't want to feel like you're at work all the time, physically separating the places of work and leisure is something important in teleworking.

To be rigorous

Telecommuting is great, because you are quietly at home, you don't even have to dress properly, except in the event of a video meeting of course, and you will quickly appreciate this situation.

What a pleasure to work in shorts, t-shirt at home, your cup of coffee nearby without the noise of the office and especially without being interrupted every thirty seconds, now that you have dedicated a room to your activity.

Be careful though to keep a certain rigor. Indeed, it is easy to understand, having practiced teleworking for several years, that in your home the temptations are great, but you have to know how to be rigorous. 

It is thanks to this rigor that you will be able to concentrate only on your work in the schedules that you will have given yourself. You will then see that you will be much more productive than usual.

Much more flexible days

This productivity, if you're not the boss, you'd be tempted to tell yourself that you don't care. But let's take the problem another way, if you go faster, you also finish your days faster!

In addition, depending on your job, it may be possible to adapt your hours. Do you have a doctor's appointment or do you want to enjoy your family a little? Well, it may be possible to work a little earlier or a little later to free up that time.

In addition, we must not forget that working from home is a huge time saver, especially if you spend some time on public transport every morning and evening. This time, now, you can spend in the company of your family, your friends or simply to sleep a little more.

As you can see, working from home is full of advantages if you take a few moments to make some adjustments. So give it a chance by following our advice and we assure you that you will never want to go back to the office like before.

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